How to Meditate on God’s Word as a Christian

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How to Meditate on God’s Word as a Christian

Christian meditation is different from that of the world because it involves meditating on God’s Word. If we are to know God’s Word and apply it in our lives, we have to spend time meditating on what it means. The Bible contains the laws God has set for us so that we can live godly lives that honor Him. Our success in life as Christians depends on how much we know and obey God’s Word.

This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. – Joshua 1:8

The Importance of Meditating on God’s Word

We have an enemy who does not want us to know God’s Word because we will be a threat to his kingdom. What he does is to steal the Word from our hearts when we hear it and do not understand it (Matthew 13:18-19). This is the explanation Jesus gave his disciples regarding the seed that fell on the path when He taught them the parable of the sower. 

If we are to know the Word of God by heart, we have to memorize it and understand what it means. It is life to our spirits and helps us live a righteous life in a world that frowns upon godliness. The Holy Spirit also brings up Bible verses that we have committed to heart when we need them. We do not always have our Bibles always and it pays to know verses by heart. 

When we know God’s Word, we can use it to teach others the correct doctrine without misinterpreting the Scriptures. 2 Timothy 4:2 tells us to preach the Word and be ready in and out of season. We are to convince, rebuke, and exhort others using the Word of God. Readiness to teach the Word of God comes from meditating on it and knowing it inside out. 

How Can We Meditate on God’s Word?

You may be wondering how you can start meditating on God’s Word. The guide below will show you where to start and what to do during the time that you are reading the Bible. 

1) Go to a quiet place

The first thing you need to do is look for a quiet place where others will not interrupt you as you read and meditate on the Bible. It can be a place you can regularly use for your devotions. If you do not have an extra room in the house where you can get away from the noise, you can use your bedroom. Where you live with others, you can ask them not to interrupt you as you have your time with God. Have everything you need before you settle down to read your Bible so that you will not have to keep getting up to get something you forgot. 

2) Pray

After you get comfortable, turn your attention to God in prayer to prepare your mind for your meditation session. Prayer helps you remain focused on worshiping God and reading His Word. You can ask God to show you what He wants you to learn as you read the Bible, and you can also let Him know what is in your heart. God would also love to hear your requests so that He can answer them as you read the Bible. 

3) Read the Bible

You can read a verse, passage, parable, or story and understand what it says. If you have a daily devotional book that you use, you can do the reading for the day. Spend time understanding what you are reading as opposed to trying to read many chapters at a go. It is better to master one verse and apply it in your life than read 10 chapters and get nothing much out of it. There is so much the Bible has to teach you, and you need to take your time. Do not be in a hurry to go back to other things so that your mind will be free to meditate on the Word. 

4) Meditate on what you are reading

After you read your Bible passage, you can start asking some questions that will help you understand the message. Listen to God’s voice to see what He is saying about your life through the Scriptures. Look at the passage from all angles and imagine what the person you are reading about was going through in life. Sometimes our lives mirror those of certain characters in the Bible and as we read their stories, we get insight into some troubling issues in our lives. You can also have a set of questions you use to ask yourself as you read the Bible. A Bible commentary will also help you get the right perspective of what you are reading so that you understand the context. 

Do not allow thoughts to distract you as you are meditating on the Word of God. 

5) Journal your thoughts 

Write down the thoughts that come to your mind as you meditate on the Bible verses you are reading. God speaks a lot, and you do not want to forget what He is saying. Journaling makes it possible for you to go back and read what you wrote years ago. It is a good way to understand the pattern of how God speaks to you. You can have a journal specially for your devotion time with the Lord. Journals are available in your local Christian bookstore or in online book stores. 


Meditating on God’s Word leaves you feeling refreshed and full of joy. God made it clear that we cannot live on bread alone but by every word that comes from His mouth (Deuteronomy 8:3). That is the importance God has placed on His Word. If we are to live on it then we have to meditate on it and keep it in our minds and hearts. 


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