Free Sunday School Lessons for Kids

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Our free Sunday school lessons for kids offer you a variety of stories and topics that will interest your children and encourage them to learn. Our Biblical stories teach moral lessons and focus on the growth and maturing of young minds that want to know the Lord.

Jesus used parables to help teach spiritual lessons. While He was speaking to men and women more than children, the concept of teaching through stories and objects is one that has been used from the Savior Himself, and even as far back as before Christ. This was a way to engage the hearts of people, and to then give them the desire to apply the values and morals learned in those lessons.

Our free Sunday school lessons offer a variety of subjects for you to choose from. Pair the Bible stories and topics with corresponding activities to get a deeper, longer lasting lesson that will stick with the kids. Object lessons and activities trigger memories that will last much longer than the class itself.

Choose a topic and take the time to prepare for your class lesson in advance. This helps to make sure you have everything you need for yourself and your children. Any pictures or papers you need to copy, any supplies you need for activities and crafts items for object lessons, and everything else should be taken care of ahead of time. You will save your frustration and save the kids disappointment,

Browse our free Sunday school lessons for fresh ideas that the kids will enjoy. You can choose one lesson at a time, or choice several to make up a series with a theme that can be done over several weeks’ time. The cost is free, and we desire to help you with quality lessons for every class.

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