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Preschool Bible Lessons for Sunday School

Enjoy our preschool Bible lessons for Sunday School!

Here you will find a great selection of lessons that younger children can enjoy. At this age, children can identify themes that we encounter in our everyday lives, such as friendship, fear, kindness, compassion and helping others. Use our lessons to connect to important values and character traits that help your little ones as they grow into all that God wants them to be.

Young children have very short attention spans, but they also have the ability to learn, and are eager to do so. Making the lessons exciting with your body language and emotions add to your stories and catch their attention better. Energetic teaching encourages them to interact with you more as well. Our preschool Bible lessons for Sunday school are free to use.

Be sure to check out our craft page to pair the lessons with hands-on activities. Visit our page of coloring pictures too! With crafts and coloring combined with the lesson, even at such young ages, the class will leave an impression in the hearts of the children.

As we know, teaching and nurturing young people is a process, as much as it is for adults. The beauty of working with children is the opportunity to begin teaching them while they are yet young. Their tender hearts can be molded from early on.

Bible lessons make their early learning years ones that have been left with impressions on their hearts as they grow. Even if they cannot retain large amounts, no time is ever wasted on our wee little ones who need to know about Jesus. “But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14

Free Christmas Lesson Plans for Kids Sunday School

Christmas is a time of great celebration for Christians.  It is a time we celebrate the birth of the Savior of the world!

Do you need help with a lesson plan for this special time of year?  

Our free Christmas lesson plans for kids in your Sunday school will help you with putting the story of our Savior together for your children.  The plans are detailed and structured to help you share this beautiful story with the children you are helping to know Jesus. 

Teaching and involving children in the yearly celebration of the birth of our Savior reminds them of the importance of our need, and what a special event took place in history for the souls of all men.  The birth of Jesus Christ is more than just a story.  It is the event that changed the course of mankind.

As you choose the free Christmas lesson plan that is right for your kids’ Sunday school, follow a few tips:

Prepare for this special time.  Check out our crafts and activities for ideas to include in this lesson.  You can have several weeks’ worth of lessons instead of teaching everything at one time, each week bringing the lesson closer to the birth of Jesus.  Consider props you can use for each lesson, that help the lesson to be more visual and memorable for this special time of year.

Take a deep breath and dive in!  We’ve laid the groundwork with our free Christmas lesson plans, and we encourage you to fill in the rest for an amazing Christmas season with your church’s children.

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counseller, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6

Easter Sunday School Lessons

Our Easter Sunday school lessons offer several ways to learn of our Savior and the sacrifice He made to save all of mankind. These lessons bring the amazing account of Jesus’ crucifixion, burial and resurrection to the level that children can begin to understand how special our Lord is, and how much He loves us.

Many lessons are on the importance of the different aspects of the life of a Christian. The character traits and values we endeavor to instill in the lives of our children are very important but teaching them about the risen Savior is more important than all of the other lessons we can teach them.

For many churches, the Easter service is one of the highest attended services of the year. To make this special service run smoothly for your Sunday school class, prepare ahead of time. Our lessons have laid the groundwork of the lesson for you.

You can add your enthusiasm to the lesson and activities to offer an amazing and memorable class for your children. Choose your Easter Sunday school lesson and stop by our coloring pages and craft page. Visit our kids’ songs page as well.

You will find several other things to include in your lesson. Children enjoy crafts and coloring, and can take their projects home with them as a reminder of what they learned in Sunday school. Prepare you lesson and activities with additional copies and supplies for other children who may be visiting your service for this special celebration of our Savior.

We are here to help, and invite you to use our lessons for Thanksgiving, Christmas and other Christian holidays throughout the year.

Kids Bible Trivia

We all want our children to hide the Word of God in their hearts, and one of the fun ways to do this is through Kids’ Bible trivia.  With friendly groups of young people wanting to be the one to answer first, Bible trivia can be a great aid to getting Bible facts memorized and tucked down into their hearts.  Add some fun and interesting facts to your better-known questions.   

Keep in mind that kids’ Bible trivia is meant to be a fun learning tool.  While we want our children to get the Word in their hearts, it is not our desire to cause them stress by turning this tool into a burdensome activity.  Learning the Word of God in an exciting atmosphere is the desired goal.  Let us teach them with love the way our Lord has taught us, HIS children, with love. 

Also keep in mind that your children and their ages are at different levels in their learning.  While older children can answer questions more specifically, young children may need you to give them a few choices to choose from.  Another option for easier answering is to turn questions into true or false statements and letting them choose between the two.

Kids’ Bible trivia can be used to do a quick overview at the end of a Sunday School class.  It can also be used for ice breakers, or group games at youth get-togethers.  Dividing your youth into two groups can be a fun way to have friendly competition.  Keeping it fun encourages everyone to participate and learn.  Keeping your lists of questions on hand and repeating them will increase the memory of all of your learners, especially for those who struggled to answer correctly the first time or two.  

Free Sunday School Lessons for Kids

Our free Sunday school lessons for kids offer you a variety of stories and topics that will interest your children and encourage them to learn. Our Biblical stories teach moral lessons and focus on the growth and maturing of young minds that want to know the Lord.

Jesus used parables to help teach spiritual lessons. While He was speaking to men and women more than children, the concept of teaching through stories and objects is one that has been used from the Savior Himself, and even as far back as before Christ. This was a way to engage the hearts of people, and to then give them the desire to apply the values and morals learned in those lessons.

Our free Sunday school lessons offer a variety of subjects for you to choose from. Pair the Bible stories and topics with corresponding activities to get a deeper, longer lasting lesson that will stick with the kids. Object lessons and activities trigger memories that will last much longer than the class itself.

Choose a topic and take the time to prepare for your class lesson in advance. This helps to make sure you have everything you need for yourself and your children. Any pictures or papers you need to copy, any supplies you need for activities and crafts items for object lessons, and everything else should be taken care of ahead of time. You will save your frustration and save the kids disappointment,

Browse our free Sunday school lessons for fresh ideas that the kids will enjoy. You can choose one lesson at a time, or choice several to make up a series with a theme that can be done over several weeks’ time. The cost is free, and we desire to help you with quality lessons for every class.